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Self Check
Prevention of misreading, by addin parity bit (number which is added in order to let the module of bars odd or even) to each character, except EAN and CODE-93.

Short Version
8-digit version of JAN symbol, especially for small products which cannot display the Standard version within itself. Only for domestic use in Japan.

Source Marking
Barcode symbols added in manufacture stage of the product. (See Instore Marking)

The white bar between two black bars. It is often called space.

To grow fat by a stain. (See void)

Standard Symbology for Physical Distribution
A barcode displayed on the concentrated packages like cardboard cases, for administration of physical distribution.
1 or 2-digit of identification code (for physical distribution) is added before the JAN code of content product, to show the content product and its quantities.
It is generally called ITF, because Interleaved 2 of 5 is used for its symbol. (see Standard Version or Extended version)

Standard Version
13-digit version in JAN. A common product code which is used internationally.
The 14-digit version in Standard Symbology for Physical Distribution. Used in all over the world, includes US, as an international standard.
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