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Add-on Version
6-digit symbol, appended after the symbol of UCC case code, or Standard Symbology for Physical Distribution, and indicates the weight of content.

A. I.
<Application Identity> Supplementary code of UCC/EAN-128, represents the type of content in followed code. 2-3 digits in length. Indicates that following codes shows the date of manufacture, lot number, etc.

Rules and procedures which is clearly defined in order to solve a problem by computer.

Alphabet and Numeric.

Physical amount altering continuously.

To reduce beforehand in the circumferential direction, in case the plate which have thickness and set to the cylinder (like flexo plate, etc.) with giving consideration to its radial stretch.

American National Standard Institute.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A code used long ago for sending informations to the remote teletype or telex. This is very useful for information processing on the computer, and has standardized for a information exchange code, by ANSI.
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