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EAN code
European Article Number; A common product code established by the European countries in 1977, being based on the popularization and the success of UPC; and then it has spread to all over the world.
JAN in Japan is one of the derivations from EAN.
UPC consists of 12 digits, including 1 digit of NS. EAN consists of 13 digits with the 1-digit prefix, including 2 (or 3) digits of the flag.

EAN symbol
EAN symbol barcode consists of 13 digits: JAN symbol is its variation.

Each of black/white bars in Multi-level barcodes. (See module)

Even Parity Charactor
Character in EAN symbol, which sum of black bar modules is even (not odd). (See Odd Parity, flag)

Extended Version
One of the type of Standard Symbology for Physical Distribution, which has 2-digit (actually, to fit the length to even, affixed dummy zero before it, so it seems 3 digits) of identification code for PD, to conform to the unique circumstances of physical distribution in Japan.
Only for domestic use in Japan. (See Standard Version)
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