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Japanese Article Number. Japanese common product code.
it is 13-digit code; after the flag 49 (or 45), which has given from EAN, 5-digit maker code, 5-digit item code, 1-digit checkdigit
It follows EAN standard and is accepted in all over the world (except US and Canada)
In Japan, 8-digit type, called short version is also available for small products (domestic use only)
It consists of 2-digit flag, 4-digit maker code, 1-digit item code and 1-digit checkdigit.

JAN Item Code File Service. JAN-code database service provided by DCC (Distribution Code Center).
Makers will take some advantages as follows, by registering their item codes to DCC.
  1. Retail shops can reduce labors of to entry the product information to the computer.
  2. Makers can get some data like the sales information of similar products.
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