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Nallow Bar
Thinner bars in binary level barcode. (See Wide Bar)

Fresh foods and Apparel products have different price in each package; books and magazines of enormous items and short cycles, fo different price; the price information of those products cannot enter into the store controller. So coded the sales prices directly into the barcode.
The barcode which includes the price, is called NON-PLU, because its Price is not Looked U from store controller. (See PLU)

Number System Code
The first digit of UPC, as flag in EAN, is administered by a distinction of industries and its uses. It is called number system code (NS).
NS = 0,6,7 code for source marking of foods and sundries, administered by UCC.
For the product exported to U.S. must have its own UPC maker code in this NS, and to be source marked.
NS = 2 NON-PLU attached to instore marking like measured-out products, etc.
NS = 3 Administered by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Used for NCD (National Drug Code) and HIR (Health Related Item Code).
NS = 4 For instore codes attached to sundries which cannot be source marked.
NS = 5 This is used for coupons.
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