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Ultracode was developed by Zebra Technologies and is in the public domain. The symbol is composed of a variable-length strip of pixel columns with non-critical widths. The code includes numeric and alphanumeric modes, with advanced language/code page handling provisions, and selectable levels of Reed-Solomon error correction. Both black/white and a higher density colored version are supported. The symbology utilizes pairs of vertical columns of either 7 monochrome(dark/light) or 8 multicolored (typically white, red, green, and blue, or cyan, magenta, yellow and black) cells to encode each datum as a point on character planes of a 43 plane language group.

The Ultracode symbologies differ from most two-dimensional, error-correcting bar codes in that they have a long, thin aspect ratio similar to existing linear bar codes and are not positioned as high-capacity symbologies. Ultracode is especially suited for direct printing with low linear precision.

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