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Aztec Mesas, also referred to as Mesas, are a 2D matrix form of supplemental field used to form "composite" bar code symbols, wherein a linear primary symbol is augmented by an attached 2D data field. An Aztec Mesa is a graphical rearrangement of an Aztec Code symbol into layers of modules lying above, and possibly also below, the linear host symbol. The entire symbol is referred to as an Aztec Mesa composite.

Mesas can encode from small to large amounts of data with user-selected percentages of error correction. The linear host symbol may be one of several established linear symbologies, and it performs the role of finder, horizontal metric, and orientation for the attached Mesa as well as encoding primary "license plate" data that is conventionally scannable. The Aztec Mesa field includes a Mode Message, reference ladders, and an error corrected sequence of codewords that closely follow the Aztec Code model. The supplemental message that an Aztec Mesa encodes is readable only by an image reader.

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