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INTACTA.CODE™ is a proprietary code developed by INTACTA Technologies, Inc. and can take any binary data such as executable files, video, text, audio (or a combination of files) and then apply INTACTA.CODE™’s compression, encoding and error correction engines to create an envelope for the data which allows it to be distributed securely while maintaining the integrity of the format and the content.

INTACTA.CODE differs substantially from traditional barcode. In most bar codes the data is coded in a series of bars and spaces of varying width. Ordinary barcode is "vertically redundant", meaning that the same information is repeated vertically. It is in fact a onedimensional code.

The term matrix code applies to 2-D codes that code the data based on the position of black spots within a matrix. Each black element is the same dimension and it is the position of the element that identifies the data. A two-dimensional code stores information along the height as well as the length of the symbol. Most 2D barcodes have a fixed shape and each
symbol has a maximum data capacity, i.e., although their size is scaleable, their proportions (shape) are usually fixed. For additional data to be stored requires printing additional symbols.

Although INTACTA.CODE may resemble some 2D barcode in appearance, that is where the similarity ends. Data in INTACTA.CODE is not stored in a predetermined matrix format as with conventional 2D matrix barcodes. It is randomized to enhance its error correction, storage capacity and security.

INTACTA.CODE overcomes the inherent limitations of 2D barcode including data types, data density, mixed data types, communications, security, and the need for expensive or specialized scanners. INTACTA.CODE is designed to support intelligent forms processing, fit into available size and shape of available space and to bridge the links necessary in
moving any data type between hard and digital formats. INTACTA.CODE is not based on symbol architecture and therefore a continuous block of any desired shape can contain all the data.

Barcodes are designed to store a single piece or several pieces of data relevant to some form to be extracted and processed. INTACTA.CODE is the form and the process. INTACTA.CODE was developed to be independent of any specific hardware, although OEM specific versions can be customized.

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